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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Week 9: Reflections

Week 9 : reflections

We are moving towards the end of the course and our project report should be finalized and submitted on June 6th at noon. This has taken a good time from me this week. I had to review my peers report and finalize my own on the light of their feedback. Collaboration makes our work better. There always things you can’t see but others can. As the English proverb says: “Two heads are better than one” and we are working in three which makes it even better. Nilufar and Garunyawun have shown a great sense of collaboration and help. I have learned from them. Thank you very much!

The second issue that has been tackled in the course this week has to do with creating class online platform and creating exercises using web tools. I have created my first class website:, posted some activities and uploaded some tasks for my students. I have also used a web tools in Tools for Educators to create two exercises that could be printed out and done offline. These could be found in the wiki.

These are amazing things that would bring more motivation and interest to our classes, foster our learners’ autonomy and help them improve their English.



  1. Dear Hamid,

    I subscribe and agree with you: two heads are better than one, and I also think collaboration is better than competition. I had a look at your web class and it's interesting. It's a good start for all of us to know about them, know how to make them and in the future, I am sure we'll be able to improve them.

    Now, let's wait for the start of the last week of this course...


  2. Dear Hamid,
    I agree with you and what Jules wrote on her blog: "the challenges of becoming better teachers should keep us motivated to try our best".

    It was great working with you in this course.

    All the best,

  3. Dear hala and Nadina,
    I always a great pleasure to read your comments and insightful thoughts. We made it togther to a great success thanks to our collaboration and ideas sharing. I've learned a lot from you.