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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My LoTi

I think I am in Level 4a – Integration: Mechanical. I used to see technology in the classroom as integrating music or a video in my classes. Later on, thanks to a teachers association, I discovered more interesting things in an annual conference on “Using ICT four ELT”. That was the start. The three days conference gave me a good push. I have started to implement technology in my teaching and at the same time take some courses from here and there. Last year was an exceptional year in which I discovered more interesting things. A one-year online course gave me extraordinary training on how to use virtual worlds for educational purposes. It focused on Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. Before this, I had had some simple experiences with using technology in the classroom, but I wanted to make this school year exceptional for me and I was. I wanted to use Moodle outside the classroom. It’s true that it was not a very successful trial, but I do consider it as exceptional because thanks to this experience I learned a lot. So, I started using technology by bringing a computer and video projector especially in a private school which offers some facilities, then I moved to integrating emails and yahoogroup and so on and the last thing tried, as I said before, was Moodle. There were many constraints. Some of these are of materials and others are of management and “how to do”. The course has empowered me with practical techniques, skills, knowledge… that I have helped a lot. The project I have tried with my students was a great success and I am waiting for the next school year to start and make a new start. I feel I have become more skilled and can integrate high tech more effectively. My goal for the next year is to reach the level 4b – Integration: Routine and why not making a step further towards Level 5 – Expansion. I should make technology an integral part of my classes. I will make use of blogging, Moodle and emails. My students are good at blogging. They can create their personal blogs and post comments… Moodle is somehow complicated but I can assist them at the beginning of the year to learn how to use some of its features. My students don’t use emails, once again some assistance would help solve the problem. I am conscious that the job needs much effort and time, but the beginnings are always tough, and experience sharpens our skills and makes tasks easier. I also have the idea to integrate WebQuest in assessment. I think this would push the learners make good researches and learn while doing their tasks…


  1. Dear Hamid,

    It's true - it will be great to have a new year so we can make a "new start." With the new year you can begin many changes and it will seem fresh and exciting to you and your students. I'm so impressed with all your strivings toward technology integration. Excellent! I am sure your students view your class as one of their favorites! I am jealous of all your opportunities for professional development :) . This course has been my first chance to learn about online tools! Can you believe it?

    Keep up the great work -- I'm certain you'll be Level 4b and beyond very soon insha allah. I'll be checking back on your site now and then to find out, so don't disappoint us!

    Have fun,

  2. Dear Hamid,

    what can I say? You are going in the right direction and all the information you aquired during this course will finally find its place in the future.

    I hope you will share your endeavours on this blog!

    All the best,

  3. Dear Nadina and Ellen,
    Thank you for reading me and commenting. I have really enjoyed the work with you and I will be missing such atmosphere. It's from you I've got the zeal and I promise to go further. Only very few people master these tools here and I would be a plus for my classes as you said. I will also share all what I have learned with mt colleagues. We've got a dynamic association in which we organise some professional training...
    Keep tuned.